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We quit our jobs and sold everything. We are looking for our own path.

Why We Travel?

Officially we’ve been on the road for about two weeks, yes 3 weeks in Montreal, – you don’t really count :). The reality of being homeless and travelling indefinitely is starting to sink in. This trip is different than our previous extended trips through Europe/China and Turkey/Israel.

First – there is no set end date. Sure this trip will end one day as do all things in life, but we are trying hard to not constrain ourselves into a timeframe – its not easy – after all we are so used to having every trip being set to a finite amount of time.

Second – we don’t have a home. The condo is rented out, most of the furniture and things are sold. And the stuff we have left is stored and can be reduced even further. Most importantly – we can no longer ‘go back to our condo where all our things are’. ‘Our condo / our home’ doesn’t exist anymore and there is nothing to GO BACK to – which is an important psychological barrier to break. Our home is where we are now.

Third – camping will be the primary way of life for us. The last city was Chicago and we will be camping from now on and for a while until we get to the west coast and visit San Francisco and Seattle. And to be honest, camping is not something we wanted to do long term! We do like it, but we’d much rather be sipping wine at a café in Paris, walking around the streets of Rome or checking out one of our favorite restaurants in NYC. We are city people: the bugs, the mosquitoes and the dirt are not our preferred lifestyle. Not to mention the huge amount of camping equipment you have to bring and the rain and cold you have to endure!

So why do this? Why not live a comfortable life with a good salary and go on a nice vacation for 2-3 weeks a year? Why live in this uncomfortable and at times pretty stressful environment? Why endure the constant uncertainty and instability?

Haha, good question! I guess a short answer would be – “to be free”. After 10 years of accumulating stuff, being focused on making money and taking those 2-3 week vacations we realized – this is not what we want. And I don’t want to say ‘not enough’ because more of those things would NOT make us happier.

We want to be free! Free to explore, to do what we want, to not be constrained and forced to live a life we don’t want to live. Free to have the strength to leave our current vocations as Information Technology personnel and become full time travelers/writers/photographers/adventurers – whatever we want.

So why do we choose to travel and travel this way, why not just explore those same things while living in the safety of a stable job? Well, I simply know we cant change things for us in any other way. Its impossible to see things clearly when you are bogged down in your routine. Its difficult to motivate yourself when you are comfortable. Its like living in a two dimensional world where all you see are lines and only from the third dimension do you realize those lines are actually squares and circles.

This time its not just about seeing the sites, its not just about having another extended vacation, its about changing ourselves and our lives. And I don’t even know what we are changing them to, but I know that we need to change something and see where the journey takes us. I have no idea how long this trip will last and where we will end up, but probably for the first time in my life I welcome the uncertainty.


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Roma and Natalia are world travelers, photographers, and an all around fun couple. When they are not travelling far away continents or driving around USA in their trusted Highlander, they can be found in San Francisco, California.

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