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Interior, South Dakota – pop. 67

Right next to Badlands National Park is the little city of Interior, South Dakota. When the GPS told us to head towards “Interior”, it seemed that it was just a designation of an area like “Inside the Beltway” in DC. Only when we passed the green road sign with the name of the town did it become obvious. An early frontier town, its populated by descendants of the homesteaders that came out to the area in the late 19th century. There are some remains of the old houses, built into the ground to shield from the harsh prairie winds, scattered all over the area. To be honest they don’t look much different from the abandoned houses, trailers, and farm houses that are seen from the road all over South Dakota and Montana. There is so much land there is no use to tear down a building, so they are left to rot and lean and disintegrate on their own. The town of Interior, has everything you need – a school, a church, a bar, a jail and a cemetery. The full cycle of life. As we drove by, there was a funeral procession at the school, maybe its Interior, population 66 now.

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