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FrancisFrancis: Hi!

Hey you all! You haven’t met me yet, although I have been a quiet, but integral participant of this little trip Natalia and Roma have going here. My name is FrancisFrancis, but my friends call me “Francis” for short. I am 3 years old and make really good espresso and cappuccino. When I first heard talk of this indefinite trip across america, I said to myself “That’s it, your are staying in the closet for many months! Your gears and pump are going to corrode, your beautiful red luster paint job will fade! Out of a job in the prime of your life!”. My worst suspicions were confirmed, when I overheard the talk from the living room late at night. My owners had a little too much wine and didn’t keep their voices down. Roma was saying that taking the coffee machine is out of the question, that there is no space in the car, that you can buy coffee in any Starbucks in america and if they want to make coffee while camping they can just brew it in a moka pot over the fire. First of all I resent him calling me a coffee machine! I am not a simple coffee dripper, I am an Italian E-S-P-R-E-S-S-O Brewer. And second, no Moka pot can replace me, I have a lot more pressure, which is essential to the crema and brew strength of the espresso shot. Anyway, Natalia didn’t sound too optimistic either, she only responded that coffee at Starbucks sucks and that they will spend a lot of money buying bad coffee on their trip.

Well a few weeks later I knew the end was near when they started packing, and put me in my box. The lights went out. I was shuffled for a week or so, moved around, left in a damp garage overnight and put on a high shelf. All seemed lost, when Roma takes me down again and carries the box outside. For a second I thought they sold me (the two sillies were on a crazy Craigslist selling spree for months), but then he took me out of the box and I saw that I was placed on the ground among all of the things that were set aside for packing into the car. Could it be?! YES! They are taking me with them! I guess in the time span I was packed away, Natalia convinced Roma that its a SMART idea to take me along. I even overheard her say “I deserve one unreasonable thing on this trip”. I don’t agree, good morning espresso is a must in my humble opinion. But what do I know?, my design was “only” inspired by a Ferrari, so I guess I am not your average around town machine.

So how am I doing now? Well, the trip is a blast. I attract a lot of attention, and people constantly come over and ask about me. How could they not? I am such a beautiful and stylish modern machine. Roma and Natalia are happy to meet new people, so they enjoy the extra chance to talk to locals. We drove across America and Canada, visiting awsome cities like Montreal, Toronto and Chicago. We spent a lot of time in more rugged surroundings tho – camping near Badlands National Park, visiting Mount Rushmore and Glacier National Park. Yellowstone was amazing, but all those animals scare me a little, I am still a city espresso maker at heart. I am really glad to be on this adventure and to keep making great morning drinks, whether in a campground or a parking lot. It beats sitting safe, but unchallenged and unused, in a box, getting old.

I will be posting some pictures from my favorite places on the trip, so follow along, enjoy, and join us for a cup of espresso along the way.

This is me enjoying the beautiful morning and coffee aroma in peace before the humans wake up.

Roma and Natalia brought a cooler of full of Illy coffee, but its getting kinda low now. They might need to refill it somewhere, or buy a different portafilter attachment, since I only use Illy pods now.

This is Roma and me, he is a little grumpy in the mornings. I tell him not to drink that beer and whisky at night, but he doesn’t listen. Sigh. Well a double shot of my espresso usually helps.

This is Natalia and me, we are happy to be enjoying a nice view with a good cup of coffee.

Thats it for now, I will see you soon.

~ FrancisFrancis

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