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Funny, cool, prikol photos

Here are a couple funny, cool, prikol type photos that finish up Venice. There is some mannequin nudity so possibly not safe for work. This first one is for the sausage dog lovers, it was running around a piazza at night waiting for the owner drinking in a bar.

We stumbled upon really cool work of this Italian artist, Enzo Fiore, at the Contini Art Gallery. Really impressive in person, his work is large in scale, around 5 to 8 feet canvases that are portraits of famous people and full size sculptures of animals. These works are amazingly made from mixed media, earth, leaves, roots, and affixed with resin on canvas. There were two made in similar style with all kinds of beetles, bugs, butterflies, cockroaches, etc….I didnt find the artists website and the gallery didnt allow photos, but some are available on View select Enzo Fiory works

This is an eight-foot-tall sculpture of a boy holding a frog, by the American artist Charles Ray. Placed outdoors on the tip of the Punta della Dogana on the Grand Canal, it has already become a symbol for Venice’s newest contemporary art gallery, the Dogana.

The more expensive hotels hire these boats to transport your luggage to and from the train station.

This one taranka will last Roma an entire hockey season. Now just need a keg of beer to go with it.

This one gigolo of a mannequin was fully anatomically sculpted in all his male glory. He was surrounded by a group of drag/transvestite mannequins with beards and in high heals. Still not sure what the store was selling.

Walking back to the garage, we spied the authorities fishing a car out of the large canal that goes out of the city.

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