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From Naples we took a ferry to Palermo, Sicily. Driving in both Naples and Palermo is ridiculous. Its the worst driving we have experienced outside of Greece. Sometimes when there are no lights or its a 4 way stop you just have to GO and hope someone lets you in/stops in time. – add in the scooters going between cars, bumpy roads full of pot holes and not knowing where to go! American driving would not fly, you will be stuck waiting your turn forever. Alternatively you can wait for siesta – 1-5pm when the entire city turns from a chaotic ant hill to a ghost town. But like anything you get used to it, and it starts to seem normal in a few days. We drove through Palermo and stayed 4 days in Cefalu with a day trip to Taormina.

Cefalu – a small cute town 1 hr outside of Palermo.

The Peugeot on the Ferry to Sicily hangs out with other cars…

Local men hang outside of some kinda Union building during the Siesta. Sopranos flashbacks:


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