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Mont Saint Michel

From Brittany we drove north up the coast to Normandy, which is across the English channel from Britain. One of the highlights of Normandy is no doubt the rocky tidal island called Mont Saint Michel. The abbey on the island has a 1300 year history, with the most important Gothic architecture built in the 13th century. Once known as the “Mount in Peril from the Sea”, as many pilgrims in medieval times drowned in the fast moving tides or were sucked under by quicksand while trying to cross the bay.

In prehistoric times the bay was land. As sea levels rose the coast eroded leaving blocks of granite emerged in the bay. Its on one of those blocks of granite that the monastery was built on. The area has one of the most drastic tide variations in all of Europe – at roughly 14 meters between high and low water marks. Mont Saint Michelle is only completely surrounded with water twice a year and at low tides you can’t see the ocean at all. ( follow the “read more” below or VIEW PHOTOS HERE )












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