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Living Social

The past week we have been catching up with friends and attended a number of events around DC. We had two birthdays, a DC Photowalk, a Travel Bloggers Tweetup and visits with friends. Its not easy being social – it takes a lot of time, effort and energy to start and build new relationships. Its a lot easier to stay in the comfort zone of formed friendships where you are guaranteed a fun, relaxing hang out.

But just like we learned that living a comfortable life without challenges leads to stagnation, we realized that getting out of the comfort zone in our social life is important as well. So here is to living social and making new relationships. Its so eye-opening and rewarding to get to know people from all walks of life and finding something you can learn from each one of them. Here is a shot from our Photowalk in DC. [disclaimer: not sponsored by LivingSocial at all] [1/31/2012]

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Roma and Natalia are world travelers, photographers, and an all around fun couple. When they are not travelling far away continents or driving around USA in their trusted Highlander, they can be found in San Francisco, California.

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