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Letting go of the past

Our second week in DC we were confronted with the past – our past lives, our past apartment, our memories and all the items on our never ending TO DO list that has been accumulating over the past 5 months. One thing you learn when you travel long term is how little all the material things we surround ourselves with actually matter and how your think you need them but you dont. You learn to get by with so little – and you find yourself being perfectly fine with it, in fact, you start enjoying the freedom and the lightness of it all. When you are far away, you don’t miss your things, you don’t even remember they are there and if all your stored possessions where destroyed, you realize you wouldn’t really care much.

We spent a week going through stuff we left behind, tossing a lot of it. But as you look at the things from your past you cant help but get sentimental again: “look at that ticket stub from our date, look at those funny receipts from China, look at that CD from that party we went to 6 years ago”. But one thing you learn travelling long term is that it doesn’t matter – your memories are always with you and you should spend your energy living in the present instead of remembering the past! I spent about 1/2 day going through a large box full of albums of old photographs to double check they are all scanned so I can throw them away. And as I was freeing myself from my stuff, I felt myself letting go of the past and embracing the future. Cant wait to move forward towards new travels, new adventures and new friends! [1/24/2012]

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